Walmart Cashier REFUSES Service to COP Because He’s White! She Gets Serious JUSTICE! (VIDEO)

It was a routine trip to the local Walmart in St. Cloud, Florida for this police office, but when he got to the register he was struck by the cashier’s absolutely sespicable behavior. This cashier ignorant, racist, and belligerent African-American cashier refused to sheckout the officer.  As he continued to try to checkout, the rude cashier started gesturing to her skin and refused to ring him up. If that wasn’t enough, another cashier witnessed the incident happening  and just started laughing.

Too bad for these racists….Walmart is going to side with the men and women in blue….as they should!

The St. Cloud police department reports that they filed a formal complaint with the 13th Street Walmart after the officer was refused service from the African-American cashier.  Central Florida news outlet WFTV was first to report on the story and then it was confirmed by Walmart. Many local residents in St. Cloud were disgusted by the story and quickly took to social media  to complain that Walmart had made no public statement following the incident.

Walmart reps told WFTV reporter Field Sutton, “This is an unfortunate situation, but we cannot comment on an active HR investigation.”